DIY Sunday: Make Your Mark with Eraser Stamps


Make your mark with these quick to craft eraser stamps! They’re a great (and cheap) way to personalize cards, plain wrapping paper, and envelopes. Pen pals, far away lovers, and even an old friend will be thrilled when your letters arrive in the mail. YES, letters. While  emailing and Facebook are fantastic, I’m still a fan of putting pen –and stamp, to paper.  Just don’t try them on a credit card bill –while anyone can appreciate a good effort, a stamp won’t save you.

This is what you’ll need


Pack of erasers


Utility knife

Stamp blotter or acrylic paint

Keep scrollin’ to see how it’s done!



1.  Get all your supplies ready and lay them out on a crafts cutting board or old newspaper

2. Depending on their size, cut your erasers in half (you want to end up with squares)

3. With a pen or pencil, draw the outline of any shape you’d like your stamp to be. Carefully cut around the outline with a utility knife. Chip away the eraser around it in order to be left with a relief of your shape.

4. Cover the surface in acrylic paint of your choice or use a stamp blotter, and get ready, set, stamp!

Style is served!

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