The Two-Step Vanilla Coconut Macaroon Parfait

ParfaitIn the mood for something sweet? Then this coconut macaroon parfait is sure to satisfy. It’s fresh, fruity, and light –so you won’t have to make a guilt trip to the gym.

Ingredients(makes 2 servings):

4 tbsp low-fat vanilla Greek yoghurt

2 coconut macaroons

1/2 cup raspberries

Putting it together:

1. In a bowl, add the yoghurt and crumble the macaroons. Mix the two together

2. In a separate glass or whatever you have chosen to serve the parfait in, layer one scoop of the yoghurt macaroon mix, one of raspberries, and another of the yoghurt.

Well, that was easy! It’s also relatively low in calories, because it’s made with yogurt and not vanilla pudding or more decadent alternatives. But rest assured, you’re not sacrificing flavour with this substitution.

Style is served!

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