Travel Tips for a Hassle-Free Spring Break


Everyone loves to make an escape during Spring Break! Fed up with all the snow and cold after a long winter, the slush left behind, and the many layers we still have to wear can drive us to dream of warmer places. But going away can be as stressful as staying in the city and dealing with unpleasant weather. Why? Because getting from one destination to another is not quite simple, especially if crossing international borders. With planes, trains, automobiles, and loads of luggage involved, things can get complicated. What do you bring? What will you need? What can you expect? Don’t let all those questions spoil your fun plans. Instead, read these quick tips before you board. From packing to sitting by the palm trees, ThePoshDish has you covered:

Packing with Purpose: Packing doesn’t have to take long, but don’t leave it until the last minute –you’re more likely to overpack that way! Take some time a week in advance, and lay out the clothes you’d like to bring. Pair them up into possible outfits and choose pieces that can be worn more than once. Leave them out until the day before and review what you have each day. You’ll be surprised how many items you end up taking out.

The One Thing to Bring…: If you’re heading somewhere with sun and sand, chances are you’ll need your sunglasses. But chances are that you’ll also be covered up in sticky SPF and tanning oil, which will get all over your glasses. The result? They get murky and block not only the sun, but everything else in sight. So in a travel-sized spray bottle, pour some eyeglass cleaner and throw it in your beach bag. Just make sure to check your airline’s rules for carrying liquids.

On the road(or up in the air): Filling in your declaration card while crossing borders is always quite an event. Everyone is scrambling to find a pen and grab their passport. To make the process simpler, just have all of your info written down on a post-it note and leave it on your boarding pass or in your carry-on/purse along with your pen.

Once There: Many all-inclusive resorts will serve drinks on the beach in disposable cups! That’s great, but unless you can sip it all within minutes, then it becomes a melted, mushy mess. So bring your own mug or insulated cup with a lid –they’re easy to find at most dollar stores and great for keeping your icy drinks cool. Now you’re all set to soar down South. Do you have any great tips? What’s your travel prep routine like?

Style is served!

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