Secrets for Late-Summer Dressing!


Everyone’s favourite season is slowly winding down, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your summer clothes just yet. You can still sport your favourite sundress, loveliest espadrilles, and stunning straw hat. 

With that being said, late-summer doesn’t bring quite the same weather as the dog days of July. When September approaches, things take a turn. To make the transition an easier one, here’s a list to keep in mind when putting your outfits together! 

Let’s Talk Layers: days may be hot, but the evenings will start to have a cool breeze. If you’re heading out for the entire day, bring along a light cardigan, or tie a chambray shirt around your waist –pieces that can be easily carried and are neutral enough to match most attires. 

Consider Colour: bright shades and neon colours spell out summer! As we approach autumn, opt for Earthier and more muted tones of your favourite palette. Until then though, feel free to wear every colour of the rainbow –in one outfit, if you wish. 

Pattern Picking: florals are fun –but not beyond the sunny days of spring and summer. Before we change seasons, make sure that you’ve worn all of your most colourful, psychedelic pattern combinations. Sure, you can sport prints in the fall, but you’ll have to stick with pretty little polka dots and classic stripes. The trick when transitioning? Wear summer items like a romper in a more subtle pattern. 

Style is served! 

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