3 Coat Styles to Cozy Up To


Image Source: Pinterest

Though it seems far too soon, winter weather is on its way! So when a cardigan or light leather jacket are no longer enough to keep us cozy, it’s time to bundle up in a coat. But often, we choose warmth over style and end up looking like we left the house with a down comforter on.

For all of us who are guilty of it, there are solutions! Yep, you can be warm and fashionable, toasty and trendy, and not one without the other. Here are three styles to keep you on the right track:

The Pretty Puffer: The puffer coat is one of the best options if you want to stay warm –it’s tough enough to make it through a blizzard. But it can also leave you looking like the Michelin Man. To avoid this, opt for a slimmer silhouette that is cut closer to the body and isn’t stuffed with so much down that the rolls threaten to burst. Michael Kors’ take on this classic should do the trick!

In the Trenches: Trench coats are always on trend, whether it’s during the sunnier days of spring or crisp autumn. So why not take it into the winter? Wearing it in a wool version will keep you warm, and the belted waist will add some much needed definition when sporting bulky sweaters. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than ASOS’s textured black coat.

On the Edge: Break all the rules with an edgy coat! Zippers, leather –the more the merrier, and each element adds dimension to to often plain outerwear. You’ll look cool, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be cold. Zara’s rendition is a must-have!

Style is served!

Ways to Beat the Heat: Get Tied-Up in a Knot Ponytail


Summer is now in full force and we (or should I say our hair) is feeling the effects. That’s right, you may have spent an hour carefully curling your tresses only to step outside and have them fall. Or if you’re a fan of straightening, strands will puff up in seconds –which leaves you looking like a character from the disco-dancing 80s. To eliminate all fuss, toss your hair into a ponytail. And no, not the plain kind. Try a chic knot that looks incredibly stylish but is oh so effortless and product-free. Hello hair envy!

Step 1: Brush your hair to eliminate all knots and kinks, ensuring that you are left with smooth locks.

Step 2: Tie a low ponytail at the nape (base) of your neck, using an elastic that is close in color to your hair or clear. That way there are no wild shades peeking through.

Step 3: Make a space in your hair above the elastic using your hands, and pull the pony tail though at the top –not below.

Step 4: Tug on the strands to secure the elastic and you’re set to beat the heat!

So why “knot” be adventurous?

Style is served!

Back to Basics: 3 Classic Colours for Your Nails


Photo source: diyhshp.blogspot.ca

When it comes to nail polish (and much like other aspects of the modern life) we are faced with endless options! Blues, greens, yellows and even browns are all acceptable shades. Oh and did I mention sparkles, matte top coats, nail decals?  But don’t be like a kid in a candy store and opt for the brightest combination there is. Yeah, it might be fun to sport it for a special event, other than that it’s best to stick to the classics. To help you avoid looking like a kaleidoscope, here are 3 of those colours:

Riveting Red: There’s nothing like red nails! With shades as light as Santa’s suit, even as dark as maroon, they can be seductive and fun, depending on your outfit and the occasion. Needless to say, this colour is versatile and can work well for the office professional to the girl next-door.

Basic Black: This polish shade is no longer punk-appropriate only. It’s dark, decadent, elegant. And speaking from the perspective of someone who likes everything to match, black goes with it all.

Petal Pink: What else is as fresh, simple, and clean as pale pink? Sometimes, barely there shades are best. This little tint can make a big difference, making you look put together.

So throw on a top coat to keep the chips away and you’ll be on your way.

Style is served!

Lock Lips with This Season’s Bold Shades


Photo source: Tumblr

This summer, pucker up for the brightest lip shades! From firey fuchsias and bright oranges to dark reds, these powerful hues were worn by almost every female film star at Cannes. Isla Fisher impressed in a cherry hue while Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson sported punchy pinks. And so the trend has been set.

Now, a bold lip is nothing new in the world of beauty. It’s been worn for so long and so often that it is a classic. But what’s different this time around, is that these bold shades are worn to stand out on their own. The make-up palette is neutral. Barely there. Natural as the day you were born. What I’m trying to say is, skip that second coat of mascara and go easy on the eyeliner. “Carey Mulligan at Cannes” is your motto.

So leave the smokey eye and rosy cheeks for another night out, and opt instead for only lips that worthy of French Riviera red carpets!

Style is served!

Dare to Pair: Polka Dots and Stripes


Stripes and polka dots are on everyone’s list of must-have patterns. They’re pretty, flirty, and fun. They’re also, almost always, worn on their own. One without the other, two prints in a separate pod. But they can work together and combine to create quite memorable outfits. Here’s how!

Tip the Scale:
When picking out the right pair, opt for patterns of opposite sizes. If your polka dots are the size of saucers then choose slim lines. This way you’ll avoid exaggerated clown-like characteristics.
Coordinate Colour: Combine patterns in similar shades and colours, complimentary ones if you dare.
Piece by Piece: This is not be a head-to-toe trend! Yes, you can wear patterned pants or a skirt with an equally printed top if both are subtle. But try and keep it to one area. A blazer and tank top, or sweater with a collared dress shirt are a power pair.
Start Small: If this is all too much for you, take small steps. Throw on a dotted scarf on top of a striped shirt, or hang on to a patterned tote bag! Your stylish self will figure it out.

Style is served!

Get A Grip On Colour


The easiest way of adding flair to any outfit is with an envelope clutch in bold hues and fun brights– just grab it, and go!

Even the most simple version of this accessory is versatile and handy(a carry-all for your most prized possessions), but why not take it to the next level rather than sticking to basic black? Whether it’s a sizzling shade of coral or eye-popping pink, you can easily transition it from a night out on the town to Sunday brunch, all while staying stylish.

Here are three versions that are sure to suit your taste!

1. Orange slice:  This Urban Outfitters clutch comes with a chain strap, so you can freely wave your hands in the air to your favourite song.

2. Not so mellow yellow: Pretty? Perforated details? Spacious? The Tory Burch envelope clutch has it all.

3. All about the accents: If a strong punch of colour is too much for you, start off with subtle accents. Try the ASOS clutch with a neon trim.

Style is served!