Patterned Pants on Parade


It’s a well-known fact among us fashionistas that nothing is as chic as an all-black outfit. But give it a rest! With pants in geometric, floral, and psychedelic prints parading down top designer runways, this is a perfect opportunity to get out of that Plain Jane slump and sport a punch of colour.

Go wild, be bold! There’s no holding back here. Just tread carefully when putting the pieces together –the pants should be your focal point. One bracelet too many and you’re set for a circus debut.

On that note, here’s a head-to-toe how to on making this trend work:

1. Monochromatic minimalism on top: this is the one instance where you SHOULD stick to simple colours –black or white. In fact, I advise it! To dress up the pants choose a crisp white collared shirt,and to dress them down, a t-shirt in either two of the shades will do it. Think of what you’re wearing on top as a blank canvas to be complemented by your already busy trousers. But if you’re one to take a walk on the wild side, why not try a denim shirt? It makes for a great textural and colour contrast.
2. Act appropriately with accessories: less is more here, ladies! Opt for simple necklaces and rings because it’s not really the time to wear your chunkiest, most flashy jewels.
3. Simple Soles: black flats, high heels, boots…you get where I’m going with this. One colour only. Yes, that can get a bit boring so in order to add some interest, you could slip in to sandals with metallic accents as the temperatures warm up!

If worn right, the patterned pant is a great piece! From spring and to the heavier, darker fabrics of fall, it’ll become your new wardrobe staple –with a twist.

Style is served!

One thought on “Patterned Pants on Parade

  1. Kendra says:

    You are so right!! Coloured or patterned pants definitely need to be paired accordingly!! Love the tips 🙂

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