Clad in Metal from Heel to Toe


You know what the first thing that comes to mind is when I think of the metal-shoe mix? Tap dance shoes.

That’s right, tap dance shoes. The kitten heels that click clack on the floor with every step you take, and are used for an art form rather than a fashion statement. But lo and behold this material has made its way on to the soles of every stylish gal out there. I too have fallen for the trend, and was lucky enough to snatch up not one, but TWO pairs: the ones in the picture above from Zara, and a second from Joe Fresh that also wrap around the ankle but instead of the back, it’s the front that is capped in high-shine metal. These came at quite the low price (I won’t tell you, because you won’t believe it) but needless to say, I’m the sale queen.

Metal accent shoes, whether in the form of flats or heels of dizzying heights, can add instant glam to outfits as plain as dark denim paired with a blazer. They can also give the dance floor’s mirror ball some serious competition! My point is, they’re versatile so invest in a great pair and you’ll be happily clicking your heels all the way around town.

Style is served!

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