Dare to Pair: Polka Dots and Stripes


Source: topshop.com via Topshop on Pinterest

Stripes and polka dots are on everyone’s list of must-have patterns. They’re pretty, flirty, and fun. They’re also, almost always, worn on their own. One without the other, two prints in a separate pod. But they can work together and combine to create quite memorable outfits. Here’s how!

Tip the Scale:
When picking out the right pair, opt for patterns of opposite sizes. If your polka dots are the size of saucers then choose slim lines. This way you’ll avoid exaggerated clown-like characteristics.
Coordinate Colour: Combine patterns in similar shades and colours, complimentary ones if you dare.
Piece by Piece: This is not be a head-to-toe trend! Yes, you can wear patterned pants or a skirt with an equally printed top if both are subtle. But try and keep it to one area. A blazer and tank top, or sweater with a collared dress shirt are a power pair.
Start Small: If this is all too much for you, take small steps. Throw on a dotted scarf on top of a striped shirt, or hang on to a patterned tote bag! Your stylish self will figure it out.

Style is served!

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