DIY Sunday: Document Clip Bookmarks


Make your mark with these document clip bookmarks! Yeah, you can get a paper one with your book purchase but those don’t last long. And they’re not personalized. So add some flair to your pages with this easy to make project. It’s time to say goodbye to dogears –after all, books are for reading not origami.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

1 small document clip

Ribbon, rope, shoe laces, twine, string, or any material that you’d like to use


Scroll down for the instructions!


1. Take your material and measure the length that you would like your bookmark to be. Cut it at double that length because you are going to fold it in half.

2. Pull it through one of the clip’s loops.

3. Tie one knot in the middle, and then another to secure the material all while ensuring it remains untwisted.

And there you have it. Bookmarks to call your own.

Style is served!

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