Stay on Track with the Right Snack: Substitutes for Your Favourite Foods


With the beginning of a new year, many people may resolve to eat better, healthier, and more nutritious foods. Of course, all goes well until one craving creeps up and threatens to spoil all that hard work and progress. So how do you stay on track? Well, you can start by being more selective with your snacks.

Instead of reaching for that sugary granola bar, or salt-loaded chips, there are healthier options to choose from. And that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavour! All of the alternatives below are just as tasty.


1. Quinoa Chips: We all love Doritos, Cheetos, and the crunchy goodness of chips. But when you turn that bag around and take a look at the nutritional information, everything you munched on doesn’t seem to settle quite so well anymore. Fear not, there is something else you can eat that tastes great –quinoa chips. They’re so good you can’t even tell the difference, and are relatively low in fat and sugar. And it goes without saying, you’re getting the benefits of ancient grains.

2. Rice Cakes: Bread, baguettes, and buttery croissants may be a nice treat once in a while. And once in a while is key. If you like to have bread on the regular, and with almost every meal, then you may want to consider switching over to rice cakes instead. Choose organic, multigrain ones instead of the Quaker kind –with only 75 calories for 3 pieces and only 0.5 grams of fat, they are ideal for pairing with any kind of nut butter and fruit. Whole Foods or you local health food store should have them!

3. Hazelnut Butter: Nutella. If reading that made your heart beat faster, you’re not alone. We all love to eat it, until we’ve reached the bottom of the jar and the peak of regret. A great (and guilt-free) alternative is hazelnut butter. It’s unsweetened, but spread it on top of a rice cake, and drizzle it with a little honey or a few semi-sweet chocolate chips for a fantastic breakfast!

4. Banana Bites: If you’re in the mood for something sweet, stop yourself before devouring that chocolate bar. The coconut banana bites by Barnana are equally delicious, and help you get your serving of potassium. Not to mention, they’ll help kick that sweet tooth craving to the curb.

And there you have it, the best alternatives for your favourite foods and snacks! Have you tried any of these? Which did you like best? Do you have any other substitutes and alternatives to suggest? Leave your thoughts in the comment section or tweet @ThePoshDish!

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