Tea Time: Making Your Cup Just Right!

Whether bright and early in the morning or as the sun sets in the afternoon, the time is always right for tea! And with so many blends and flavours to choose from, it could go on 24/7 until you’ve tried them all. That being said, an important part of making that perfect cup to sip on comes not in the form of tea, but rather tools and add-ons!

That’s right, gone are the days where you just steep a bag, add some sugar and call it a day. Read below for the round-up and a few of my favourite must-haves!

Scoop it Up: The perfect cup is made with the right amount of tea. To avoid any measuring mistakes, don’t pour the loose-leaf blend straight out of the bag –that’s a no no! Instead, use a measuring spoon. You can find a variety at many specialty stores, like this one from David’s Tea.

Select a Good Steeper: Let’s face it, tea bags are great for the office and to-go cups when you’re on the run. But loose-leaf blends are much more flavourful and varied. The trick with that type however, is having a good steeper so that you don’t end up with crunchy bits in your serving (been there, done that)! My suggestion? This amazing Perfectea Maker from Teavana. With it, you just add your blend, pour hot water, and let sit. Then, you’re set to pour strained tea into the cup right through the bottom –now that’s tea-tastic!

Make it Savoury with Sweetener: Adding plain old sugar is cool, I guess. But there are so many other ways to make things sweet. Have a better cup with just a little bit of honey, or spoon some stevia. Whichever you prefer, try to stay away from artificial alternatives.

Style is served!

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