The Beauty of Birthdays

CandlesBirthdays can be tough. A reminder that time is passing by and we have gotten yet another year older, another year farther from the flexibility and carefree days of youth. And maybe that’s why some shy away from celebrations. But don’t be that person. It’s one thing to hide your age but another to ignore its existence altogether! Go out and have fun, be happy on YOUR day (if you’re one for attention then this is the day to push the limit without being the subject of scorn and judgement).

It’s also an excuse to get your friends together, and be surrounded by those who care most –positive energy to last you an entire year, people! But don’t forget to thank them. If they can take a minute to wish you a happy birthday, then you too can show your appreciation. Send thank you cards to those who have brought you gifts, and text or call those who have attended whatever celebration you had planned. Being tired, worn out, or hungover from the night before is not  an acceptable excuse here.

And at the risk of sounding cliche, you too will get better with age just like cheese and wine.  So smile, because birthdays are like a fresh start at life, to explore, love, and grow!

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