Scrub Out the Stress!

scrub      Stressed out from school? Finals? An upcoming graduation? Or just the little matters of everyday life?

      Let me be blunt –chill out! For someone who worries about things that are as insignificant as chipped nail polish, I shouldn’t be the one to talk. But maybe it’s because of this that I CAN offer some insight. Issues often take care of themselves, and they work out the way they’re supposed to. So don’t sweat it. Do whatever you can today, and leave the rest for tomorrow(HA, I should be telling myself this more often!).

     Divert your focus on to something else, take a little “me” time and do whatever brings you back to zen -a night out, a workout, mani/pedi? Or  why not  take a bath and use this Sweet Tangerine Scrub(and after the typically long Canadian winter, those elbows are probably a biiiiiit dry anyway). It’s also a great prep step for an at-home manicure!


Here’s how to make it:

1/2 cup of sugar

3 1/2teaspoons of coconut oil(you can opt for another kind but olive oil, though nourishing, takes away from the tangerine scent and can leave you smelling like a salad)

4 drops of tangerine essential oil

1/2 orange peel

       Mix these together with a spoon in a bowl or dish  and voila! a mix to scrub away the stress. The splash of citrus will  leave you refreshed and feeling renewed, and take away the blues –at least for a little while. But hey, anything helps! If there are any leftovers keep them in a small jar or the bowl you used and cover it with plastic wrap, then pop it in the fridge.

Style is served!