Short and Sweet: The Comeback of Collar Necklaces


Like many fashion trends, collar necklaces keep making their way in and out of style. Some years, it’s the pendant and tassel that take the stage, while others, shorter ones that sit perched up high on the neck are all over the runway.

This season, it seems like it’s once again best to keep things short and sweet. With a comeback from the 90s, those woven plastic chokers worn by teens have graduated into a more mature and sleek look that is often clad in silver or gold. The idea stays the same, but what you wear it with shouldn’t! Gone are the days where it’s acceptable to pair it with a cropped tee and denim cutoff shorts. Instead, go for a modern pencil skirt and those red-soled Louboutins.

If you’re interested in getting your very own collar necklace, here are a few great options.

Sleek and Silver: For a polished and professional look, opt for a necklace with few details. The Modern Classic Metal Collar from Ann Taylor is a perfect example! There isn’t much to it, but the silver and pearl accents are ones to applaud. It’ll look fantastic with a white t-shirt and jeans, or equally as great with an LBD.

Getting Twisted:  Change things up with this twisted Gold-Tone Knot Necklace from Michael Kors. It can be the staple to any summer dress, or an essential addition to your look for a night out on the town. And when your necklace demands so much attention,  keep all other accessories minimal.

On the Fringe: Aiming for bohemian flair? Then a fringed collar necklace is your solution. Stella and Dot has a fantastic option, with gold accents and fun details. So with sandals and a beach bag in tow, you’re ready for summer or at least some warmer spring temps (whenever those decide to roll around).

Which of these three is your favourite?

Style is served!

Neat Necklace Hangers


I can’t be the only one with this issue: great necklaces get all tangled and before you can undo the damage, you’ve already given up on wearing one.

As a victim of the forever stuck together curse, I had to come up with a solution. Jewelry boxes? Too messy! Bowls? Too boring! And leaving them out in the open on your dresser? Too risky! After all, you don’t want your favourite piece falling into the abyss under your bed, never to be found again. So stick with something that’s both decorative and organized, like these necklace hangers. Perched up on the wall, your precious jewels are turned to art –in an instant!

To make them, here’s what you’ll need:

1 coat hanger

1 knob (Anthropologie has a great selection to suit all tastes)

A drill


An old newspaper

Safety glasses


Once your materials are all set, mark the wall with a pencil where you want your knob to be and make sure that you’ve selected a spot where there are no pipes or electrical wires!Lay out sheets of old newspaper on the floor underneath this mark because things are about to get a little messy (or just plain dusty). Then take your drill (with safety glasses stylishly on) and make a hole that is as deep as your chosen knob requires. Things only get more simple from here: insert the knob, place your necklaces on the hanger, and then hang it up!

There you have it! They look great and are functional beside a dresser,  or can add height in pairs above your bed.

Style is served!