3-Step Treat: Tuna on Whole Grain Baguette


Having friends over for some drinks and possibly dinner? Impress them with these zesty lemon-tuna baguette bites to start.  They’ll be back for more, or may not even leave.


1 can of tuna

1 whole grain baguette

Romaine lettuce



1/2 lemon


1. Open the can of tuna and drain it of any excess oil or water.  Place it in a bowl, adding salt and pepper to taste and the 1/2 lemon juice.

2. Wash the lettuce, and cut it in sections that fit on baguette slices.

3. Slice your baguette in 1.5 inch thick sections, and place the lettuce on top. Scoop the tuna into the lettuce cups and start munching.

Style is served!