Let There Be Light: Wearing Winter Whites

WinterwhiteBecause there’s still snow on the ground and temperatures are refusing to climb, I’m going to assume that it’s perfectly acceptable to publish a winter post. And what better way to beat the cold weather blues than by talking about fashion! Sure, we’re all stuck wearing our puffy parkas and cankle-inducing  snow boots, but there are ways to snap out of this wardrobe slump.

How? By sporting the classic winter-white outfit. This can be tricky, so follow these simple rules and you’ll be showing winter who’s boss.

Texture and Layer: We’ve already established that mother nature unleashes her wrath in winter with teeth-chattering cold, so the key to making this look work is layers. You can’t just throw on a top and coat and be on your way. Instead, try a crisp white-collared shirt, cable knit sweater, and cashmere or wool coat. Layering will not only keep you from turning into a (stylish) icicle, but the different textures and materials will make you the master of sartorial flair.

Be Shady: Alright, the look you’re going for needs to be worthy of an editorial spread. So you’ll want to stay away from an ensemble that is so bright and white that it makes people wonder if you swap style tips with Mr. Clean. To achieve the right balance, opt for a combination of off white-hues, beige, and cream.

Accessories:  Though mixing and matching has earned its top spot on the trend list, this is where you’ll want to stick to all things simple. Because you’ll likely be sporting shades of white, choose bags and shoes in a light brown or plain black to avoid looking like a kaleidoscope of colour.

With these tips in tow, you’re ready to rock the snow covered sidewalks!

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