Boy Bracelets: 5 Styles to Suit Every Taste


Photo source:, edited by ThePoshDish

As guys, you may not think much of accessories besides pocket squares and ties, let alone what you wear on your wrists. But bracelets too can play a big part in pulling an outfit together and giving you that extra Johnny Depp edge. I’m not talking about bangles and charms here, so take a look at these 5 guy-suitable styles:

Nautical Knots: Like the surf and sun? Why not sport a nautical inspired bracelet. Opt for materials such as rope or twine, even knotted leather. Think preppy with a weathered edge . This brown anchor one from Urban Outfitters should do —take a look!

Tough Cuffs: Is that a motorcycle engine roaring? For those who aren’t all about the pretty-boy prep, choose wide leather cuffs like the one from Diesel. These look great paired with jeans and a v-neck, even played up with a dress shirt.

Leaning Towards Leather: If a cuff is too much, then start small. Try a thin leather band, and add in a braid for texture and detailing. Look to this Guess one for inspiration.

Boy Beads: No, not pearls! Nice, matte, onyx beads. This bracelet from John Varvatos is a great example –subtle, simple, yet elegant. Did I mention different from the rest?

Mix in Some Metal: For high mirror-like shine and cool features,  Armani Exhange has you covered.

With so many options, which would you wear?

Style is served!

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