Boy Bracelets: 5 Styles to Suit Every Taste


Photo source:, edited by ThePoshDish

As guys, you may not think much of accessories besides pocket squares and ties, let alone what you wear on your wrists. But bracelets too can play a big part in pulling an outfit together and giving you that extra Johnny Depp edge. I’m not talking about bangles and charms here, so take a look at these 5 guy-suitable styles:

Nautical Knots: Like the surf and sun? Why not sport a nautical inspired bracelet. Opt for materials such as rope or twine, even knotted leather. Think preppy with a weathered edge . This brown anchor one from Urban Outfitters should do —take a look!

Tough Cuffs: Is that a motorcycle engine roaring? For those who aren’t all about the pretty-boy prep, choose wide leather cuffs like the one from Diesel. These look great paired with jeans and a v-neck, even played up with a dress shirt.

Leaning Towards Leather: If a cuff is too much, then start small. Try a thin leather band, and add in a braid for texture and detailing. Look to this Guess one for inspiration.

Boy Beads: No, not pearls! Nice, matte, onyx beads. This bracelet from John Varvatos is a great example –subtle, simple, yet elegant. Did I mention different from the rest?

Mix in Some Metal: For high mirror-like shine and cool features,  Armani Exhange has you covered.

With so many options, which would you wear?

Style is served!

Get A Grip On Colour


The easiest way of adding flair to any outfit is with an envelope clutch in bold hues and fun brights– just grab it, and go!

Even the most simple version of this accessory is versatile and handy(a carry-all for your most prized possessions), but why not take it to the next level rather than sticking to basic black? Whether it’s a sizzling shade of coral or eye-popping pink, you can easily transition it from a night out on the town to Sunday brunch, all while staying stylish.

Here are three versions that are sure to suit your taste!

1. Orange slice:  This Urban Outfitters clutch comes with a chain strap, so you can freely wave your hands in the air to your favourite song.

2. Not so mellow yellow: Pretty? Perforated details? Spacious? The Tory Burch envelope clutch has it all.

3. All about the accents: If a strong punch of colour is too much for you, start off with subtle accents. Try the ASOS clutch with a neon trim.

Style is served!