Veggie Burgers & Yoghurt-Dill Dressing

Let’s be honest, veggies aren’t always at the top of everyone’s culinary lust list 😜 When you’re thinking of indulgent meals many other things come to mind: succulent steak, crisp bacon, and all things deep-fried. But the older I get, the more I realize that there are other options out there that make veggies more fun, including veggie burgers with patties from @whollyveggie.⁠

Burger & toppings:⁠
1 box of Herby Garlic Greens Wholly Veggie patties (4 in one box)⁠
4 leaves of red kale⁠
1/2 red onion⁠
4 slices Blue cheese⁠
1 cup pickled parsnips⁠

1/2 cup plain yoghurt⁠
1 clove of garlic⁠
1 tbsp mayonnaise⁠
2 tsp finely chopped dill⁠
1/2 lime⁠


  1. In a medium bowl, combine the yoghurt with the mayonnaise and stir well.⁠
  2. Add the finely chopped garlic, followed by the dill. Stir until combined.⁠
  3. Finish off with the splash of lime.⁠

  4. Toast the buns or grill them for extra crunch.⁠
  5. Grill your Wholly Veggie burger in a pan or on the BBQ, until you have some nice, golden-brown grill marks.⁠
  6. Start your layering with the red kale, followed by the parsnips.⁠
  7. Add the patty, then a slice of blue cheese.⁠
  8. Top off with a tablespoon of the sour cream dill dressing, and the red onion.⁠
  9. Sandwich all the good stuff with the top part of the bun, and bite in!⁠

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