Say Good-bye to Split Ends!

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Not many things compare to the feeling of freshly cut tresses! After a trim, we stand a little taller and walk with a spring in our step just so everyone notices our new look. And for good reason –it surely looks fabulous!

But what happens when your locks no longer have that salon lustre? All that’s left is a dull, tangled mess that often ends up in a pony tail until your next appointment. To prolong that fresh-cut texture and avoid split ends, here are three tips:

Prep for Conditioner: When we’re not too busy singing tunes in the shower, we tend to rush through the whole routine. And this includes the hair-care component. The key to avoiding dry, brittle ends however, is to make sure that the conditioner does its job. So instead of applying it right after you have rinsed the shampoo, take out all the moisture from your hair first by either squeezing it out or using a towel. That way, it won’t slide off along with all the excess water.

Time Your Towel-Drying: Walking around with your hair wrapped in a towel is typical, right? Right. But it’s oh-so-wrong and damaging to your tresses. It causes your roots to get oily, and your ends to become dry –the two things you want to avoid at all costs. The solution? Just quickly pat your hair dry with the towel and continue with the rest of your routine.

Be Careful With Brushing: Don’t be too aggressive when you’re combing your locks. If they’re tangled, hold the hair above the knot and brush that way. Also, a wide paddle brush is best, and less harsh than a comb.

With tips like these, get ready to cause some major hair envy!

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Happy Hands: The Cold Weather Survival Kit



The winter weather can take a toll on many things: it can make you want to curl up under the blankets instead of going out, and frown at the thought of waking up to grey skies and snow. But aside from affecting your usually social and sunny disposition, it can also wreak havoc on your hands!

It seems like everyone is sporting dry, rough, and cracked hands but that doesn’t mean they’re in style! Save yours from all that winter damage by following the three steps to a home-made remedy below:


Step 1: Give your hands a good scrub! You can use a store-bought version, or make your own at home. So if you’re feeling frugal, open up your cupboards and mix 2 tbsp of granulated sugar with 1 tbsp of oil, and 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil. Scrubbing will prep your hands for step two, allowing the moisture to stick!

Step 2: Use a heavy moisturizer. The best options? Either Shea butter or goat’s milk lotion. These creams are rich, and will leave your hands silky smooth.

Step 3: Love your gloves! The key to making this treatment last, is to protect your hands from further damage. Wearing a fleece-lined pair of gloves or mittens provides an extra layer of insulation. Plus, it’s nice to be cozy when it’s cold out.

And there it is, the secret to keeping your hands happy all winter long!

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Making You Blush: The Season’s Best Shades


As your summer sun-kissed glow fades, so too should your bronzer! The replacement? A blush. To help you make the transition from tanned to rosy, here are some of the best colours to sweep over your cheeks.

Think Pink: There’s nothing more classic than a pink blush. Whether it’s as subtle as the shade of  ballet slippers or as fiery as fuchsia, these palettes are perfect for lighter skin tones. MAC’s Pro Longwear Blush in  Rosy Outlook will do the job!

Rockin’ Reds: If you’re looking to make a stronger statement or for darker complexions, choose a bordeaux  or red-hued colour. It’ll add sultry flair and surely turn heads! Why not try Marc Jacobs’ Shameless Bold Blush in Tantalizing Magenta?

Mix it Up: To get the best of both worlds, and for those who just can’t part with the tanned glow, you can go for a marbled option. These have blush-toned pigments, as well as bronzy bits. Take a look at the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush from Sephora if you think it’s all too good to be true!

So there you have it! There’s plenty to choose from because unless you’re jet-setting to tropical places as the temperatures drop to keep that summer tan intact, it’s time to swap your bronzer for blush.

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Back to Basics: 3 Classic Colours for Your Nails


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When it comes to nail polish (and much like other aspects of the modern life) we are faced with endless options! Blues, greens, yellows and even browns are all acceptable shades. Oh and did I mention sparkles, matte top coats, nail decals?  But don’t be like a kid in a candy store and opt for the brightest combination there is. Yeah, it might be fun to sport it for a special event, other than that it’s best to stick to the classics. To help you avoid looking like a kaleidoscope, here are 3 of those colours:

Riveting Red: There’s nothing like red nails! With shades as light as Santa’s suit, even as dark as maroon, they can be seductive and fun, depending on your outfit and the occasion. Needless to say, this colour is versatile and can work well for the office professional to the girl next-door.

Basic Black: This polish shade is no longer punk-appropriate only. It’s dark, decadent, elegant. And speaking from the perspective of someone who likes everything to match, black goes with it all.

Petal Pink: What else is as fresh, simple, and clean as pale pink? Sometimes, barely there shades are best. This little tint can make a big difference, making you look put together.

So throw on a top coat to keep the chips away and you’ll be on your way.

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ThePoshDish Features: Seda Skin Spa & Giveaway!

sedagiveawaypromoAre you all prepped for summer? What about your nails? With warmer temperatures on their way, it’s time to sport pretty colours on hands and feet, to match those strappy sandals and brightly shaded dresses. Sure, you can paint a quick coat at home but treat yourself to a spa experience –it’s well deserved!

If you’re in the Toronto/GTA area, try Seda Skin. Located in the booming St.Clair West-Corso Italia area, it stuns with elegant marble floors and serene colours. From the moment you step in, it feels like a luxurious resort retreat! The waiting and treatment rooms are just as cozy, so great in fact that you may fall asleep while the sound of waves washing ashore plays through the speakers.  And while you wait for whatever you have scheduled, you can shop from their great selection of Guinot and Darphin products.


The estheticians are welcoming and friendly, performing a range of services –from waxing, facials, even laser hair removal, according to highest industry standards and years of experience. For more information and pricing, visit their website at or like them on Facebook.

So try it out! ThePoshDish is giving away 1(one) $10 gift certificate to be used towards any service of $40 or more. That means you can get SHELLAC manicure for just $30 instead of $40, a spa pedicure for $30, a 1 hour Swedish massage for only $50, or the Seda Signature facial for $60. Your options are endless. To enter, email your full name to with the subject line “Seda Giveaway” by June 16 at 11:59 pm. The winner will be randomly selected and notified via email. Good luck!

Stay tuned for more great prizes throughout the summer.

Lock Lips with This Season’s Bold Shades


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This summer, pucker up for the brightest lip shades! From firey fuchsias and bright oranges to dark reds, these powerful hues were worn by almost every female film star at Cannes. Isla Fisher impressed in a cherry hue while Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson sported punchy pinks. And so the trend has been set.

Now, a bold lip is nothing new in the world of beauty. It’s been worn for so long and so often that it is a classic. But what’s different this time around, is that these bold shades are worn to stand out on their own. The make-up palette is neutral. Barely there. Natural as the day you were born. What I’m trying to say is, skip that second coat of mascara and go easy on the eyeliner. “Carey Mulligan at Cannes” is your motto.

So leave the smokey eye and rosy cheeks for another night out, and opt instead for only lips that worthy of French Riviera red carpets!

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