Say Good-bye to Split Ends!

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Not many things compare to the feeling of freshly cut tresses! After a trim, we stand a little taller and walk with a spring in our step just so everyone notices our new look. And for good reason –it surely looks fabulous!

But what happens when your locks no longer have that salon lustre? All that’s left is a dull, tangled mess that often ends up in a pony tail until your next appointment. To prolong that fresh-cut texture and avoid split ends, here are three tips:

Prep for Conditioner: When we’re not too busy singing tunes in the shower, we tend to rush through the whole routine. And this includes the hair-care component. The key to avoiding dry, brittle ends however, is to make sure that the conditioner does its job. So instead of applying it right after you have rinsed the shampoo, take out all the moisture from your hair first by either squeezing it out or using a towel. That way, it won’t slide off along with all the excess water.

Time Your Towel-Drying: Walking around with your hair wrapped in a towel is typical, right? Right. But it’s oh-so-wrong and damaging to your tresses. It causes your roots to get oily, and your ends to become dry –the two things you want to avoid at all costs. The solution? Just quickly pat your hair dry with the towel and continue with the rest of your routine.

Be Careful With Brushing: Don’t be too aggressive when you’re combing your locks. If they’re tangled, hold the hair above the knot and brush that way. Also, a wide paddle brush is best, and less harsh than a comb.

With tips like these, get ready to cause some major hair envy!

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Ways to Beat the Heat: Get Tied-Up in a Knot Ponytail


Summer is now in full force and we (or should I say our hair) is feeling the effects. That’s right, you may have spent an hour carefully curling your tresses only to step outside and have them fall. Or if you’re a fan of straightening, strands will puff up in seconds –which leaves you looking like a character from the disco-dancing 80s. To eliminate all fuss, toss your hair into a ponytail. And no, not the plain kind. Try a chic knot that looks incredibly stylish but is oh so effortless and product-free. Hello hair envy!

Step 1: Brush your hair to eliminate all knots and kinks, ensuring that you are left with smooth locks.

Step 2: Tie a low ponytail at the nape (base) of your neck, using an elastic that is close in color to your hair or clear. That way there are no wild shades peeking through.

Step 3: Make a space in your hair above the elastic using your hands, and pull the pony tail though at the top –not below.

Step 4: Tug on the strands to secure the elastic and you’re set to beat the heat!

So why “knot” be adventurous?

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