The 5 Ps of an Organized (and Pretty) Desk


Whether you have a cozy little cubicle or have snagged some prime real estate with that corner office, chances are that you are working at a desk. And let’s be honest, they’re never large enough. You end up with stacks of loose paper, deadlines written on your hand, and no space for that morning latte.

If this sounds like you, there is a solution! All you have to do is get some tools that will help you out.

But staying organized doesn’t mean using what comes with the cubicle. That’s right, you can jazz it all up by selecting items that are functional, and equally stylish. Workin’ 9 to 5 has never looked so good!

1. [P]lanner: Agendas are great, especially when you need to check dates and pencil in appointments on the go. But when you’re at work, what’s the point of leafing through to see what’s ahead for the week? The best option is to have a pad-like planner that has the months or days laid out. That way, you clearly know what’s coming and can easily glance at it for reference. Anthropologie has a few fun options, including this Botanical Weekday Desk Calendar. 

2. [P]ost-Its: Sticky notes are so versatile, they can be used to mark an important page or remind you of things that may otherwise be overlooked. To be even bolder, opt for ones that are out of the ordinary –you don’t have to stick to the traditional yellow paper. See what Kate Spade has in store, like the Deco Dot set. 

3. [P]aper Weight: Keep those papers and documents neatly stacked and stop them from flying everywhere with a paper weight. Sure, you can choose the classic half-sphere but why not try a natural crystal? It not only looks stunning as it captures the light, but is also said to provide good energy (perfect for when you’re rushing  to meet those deadlines). If you’re in the Toronto area, stop by Geologic and see what they have in store! 

4. [P]atterned Folders: Another way to keep loose papers in one place is with folders.They have a tab to keep things clearly labeled and categorized, and make it easy to find the files you need. But the ones that you’ll find at work are blank, boring, and lack personality. Opt for folders that have a bold print instead, like this great 12-pack from Target. 

5. [P]en Pouch: Though pencil holders do their job fairly well, they’re bulky and can be knocked over as you hurry out to grab lunch. To avoid all the hassle, store your writing instruments in a pen pouch. This keeps your most prized pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers in one place. And when the work day is done, you can zip the pouch and take it with you so there’s never a need to part ways! Take a look at this glitzy polka-dotted one from Indigo. 

How do you keep your work area organized? Leave your thoughts in the comment section or Tweet @ThePoshDish.

Style is served!

An Appreciation for Antiques


In today’s world, we’re so caught up with owning the latest model, the most recent upgrade, and the newest thing there is! In this constant quest for the fresh, we forget about old world charm and the sentimental value that comes with vintage items. The little trinkets from childhood, and grandma’s picture perfect frame all tell a story, they revive memories that transcend present day duties, worries, and concerns. Even that fantastic find you picked up at the flea market will do!

Bottom line, antiques are a great addition to any space. Just keep these pointers in mind:

Search and rescue: When looking for the perfect piece, you may have to do a little digging. Whether it’s in your parents’ attic or weekend garage sales,  scour every corner and dig in every box until you find the one that screams “pick me”! At the risk of sounding cheesy, beauty is often found in the most unlikely of places.

Strength doesn’t always come in numbers: Now, you don’t want to fill your space entirely with ancient items. It’s not a museum. One piece too many, and people will be lining up to see your collection. Instead, fuse the old with the new, and inject antique flair through a chair, a jewelery holder, or eclectic wooden frames.

Don’t fear a fixer-upper: See something you like but it has seen better days? This is a perfect opportunity to make it your own –reupholster a chair, or coat the new find in paint.

Style is served!

The Craft of Choosing Coffee Table Books

BooksCoffee tables come in all shapes and sizes: round, square, glass or wooden. They’re the heart of our living rooms, the center for chit-chat, and most reliable foot rest we know.

Once you have yours picked out, now comes the fun part: what to put on it? And no, I don’t mean cups that leave marks –there are coasters for that so stop complaining and think of the decorating instead. I’m talking about coffee table books! The conversation starters, the reflection of your interests and personality. To help you choose the best, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Covet the cover: we know better than to judge books by their covers, but for the purposes of decorating, you want something that is close to art. Look for those with large, captivating photographs and simple, catchy titles.

What gets you going?: is it fashion that peaks your interests? Then these Chanel or Harper’s Bazaar books are suitable.  Have a love for art and architecture? Go for an anthology of Frank Lloyd Wright’s works. Like photography, cars? The point is to stick to your personal interests and the books that reflect them. That way, you’ll enjoy leafing through them and if intrigued guests ask questions, you’ll be prepared and happy to answer them!

Less is more: when it comes to text, keep it to a minimum. Reading is for the bed, bath, and beyond but just not at the coffee table. The books you keep here should tell a story, talk about a topic, or person all through photographs and small captions.

And don’t forget! Magazines, whether a stack of vintage ones or the most recent issues, make a great addition too. Not to mention, they’re considerably cheaper.

Style is served!