An Appreciation for Antiques


In today’s world, we’re so caught up with owning the latest model, the most recent upgrade, and the newest thing there is! In this constant quest for the fresh, we forget about old world charm and the sentimental value that comes with vintage items. The little trinkets from childhood, and grandma’s picture perfect frame all tell a story, they revive memories that transcend present day duties, worries, and concerns. Even that fantastic find you picked up at the flea market will do!

Bottom line, antiques are a great addition to any space. Just keep these pointers in mind:

Search and rescue: When looking for the perfect piece, you may have to do a little digging. Whether it’s in your parents’ attic or weekend garage sales,  scour every corner and dig in every box until you find the one that screams “pick me”! At the risk of sounding cheesy, beauty is often found in the most unlikely of places.

Strength doesn’t always come in numbers: Now, you don’t want to fill your space entirely with ancient items. It’s not a museum. One piece too many, and people will be lining up to see your collection. Instead, fuse the old with the new, and inject antique flair through a chair, a jewelery holder, or eclectic wooden frames.

Don’t fear a fixer-upper: See something you like but it has seen better days? This is a perfect opportunity to make it your own –reupholster a chair, or coat the new find in paint.

Style is served!