Taming the Mane: Stylish Ways to Fend off Hat Hair


Have you been outside lately? Yeah, I know -it doesn’t look or feel that bad. But there is still some snow on the ground and though spring may seem like it’s here to settle in quite soon, you just might come across a few flakes and frostier temps when you least expect it. So don’t put away those winter accessories, and hold on to your hats.

Speaking of hats, some may groan at even the quickest mention of that word. Why? Well, considering that wearing one can leave your lair looking like a hurricane has passed through, most may want to chuck it aside. If that’s you, don’t fret –there are ways to rock one without all that fuss! Read below for ways to tame your mane and help your hat help you!

How About Hairstyle?: One key to making a hat work, is picking the right hairstyle. Try sporting loose pigtail braids to keep everything in place even after you’re hat-free. Or, opt for messy beach waves –they’re meant to look a little rough around the edges anyway so a topper will help rather than hurt you.

Become Besties with Dry Shampoo: Ok, so hats can leave your tresses looking like you just stepped out of the shower. Why? No, it’s not because you actually did, but because they can make it oily. And with that, it’s time to send dry shampoo to the rescue. Spray a little on and comb it out to feel brand new. Oh one more thing: it adds plenty of volume!

Soak up the Suds: Another way you can make the best of this is essential winter accessory is to keep it clean. Hand-wash your hat with detergent for delicate garments or even shampoo. If you wear it over and over again, it’s bound to not only look worn out, but will leave your locks oily and weighed down.

With these tips in tow, you’re ready to take your hat game to the next level! Berets, tuques, and beanies better watch out –there’s no stopping you now.

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Ways to Beat the Heat: Get Tied-Up in a Knot Ponytail


Summer is now in full force and we (or should I say our hair) is feeling the effects. That’s right, you may have spent an hour carefully curling your tresses only to step outside and have them fall. Or if you’re a fan of straightening, strands will puff up in seconds –which leaves you looking like a character from the disco-dancing 80s. To eliminate all fuss, toss your hair into a ponytail. And no, not the plain kind. Try a chic knot that looks incredibly stylish but is oh so effortless and product-free. Hello hair envy!

Step 1: Brush your hair to eliminate all knots and kinks, ensuring that you are left with smooth locks.

Step 2: Tie a low ponytail at the nape (base) of your neck, using an elastic that is close in color to your hair or clear. That way there are no wild shades peeking through.

Step 3: Make a space in your hair above the elastic using your hands, and pull the pony tail though at the top –not below.

Step 4: Tug on the strands to secure the elastic and you’re set to beat the heat!

So why “knot” be adventurous?

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