Frozen Strawberry Fluffs

I don’t always leaf through French magazines (mainly because my ability to understand the language is far from perfect), but when I do, I find recipes worthy of a PoshDish twist! What, may you ask? Here’s a hint: a little something to keep you cool. 

With all the heat we’ve been getting this summer, there’s no point in turning on the oven to bake. Instead, cold treats should be the only thing on the menu –like these frozen strawberry fluffs. Though the original recipie calls for a number of ingredients, including egg whites and a whole lot of sugar, ThePoshDish version cut it down to three and subbed in honey. In other words, you have every reason to give them a try.


3 cups fresh (not frozen) strawberries 

275 ml whipping cream

2 tbsp honey 

Cupcake moulds

Spoons or popsicle sticks 


1. In a large bowl, pour the whipping cream and beat using an electric mixer or until it forms stiff peaks.

2. Place the strawberries in a blender or food processor along with the honey, and mix on high until they have become a liquid. 

4. Fold the strawberry-honey mix into the whipped cream.

5. Pour into cupcake moulds (either the tin ones or silicone ones –this option is great as it will leave a nice texture on the frozen treat). Stick the teaspoons or popsicle sticks in the middle of each.

6. Freeze for 4-6 hours.

So that’s all it takes to make these cute little fluffs! Enjoy –or as the French would say, “bon appetit”!

Style is served!

Summermisu: The Surprise Twist on a Coffee-Dipped Classic


Coffee, liqueur, and a fluffy mascarpone mix –what’s not to like about tiramisu? But in summer, I like to make a more refreshing version of this classic dessert.

The summermisu is a light and fruity flavoured option, perfect for cooling down on warm days. It still uses the same technique and similar ingredients as the original, but with a little twist –Limoncello liqueur, strawberries, and a whole lot of orange.

Read below for the no-bake, mess-free recipe!

Ingredients (makes approx. 6 individual servings):

238 grams Mascarpone cheese
473 ml (1 medium carton) whipping cream
1/2 cup and 2 tbsp sugar
1 container of strawberries
1/2 cup Limoncello liqueur
1 orange
1 package lady finger cookies


1.Whisk the whipping cream until it forms stiff peaks. Carefully fold in the mascarpone then the 1/2 cup sugar and place the mixture in the fridge.

2. In a deep dish or bowl, combine the Limoncello liqueur with the 2 tbsp sugar and grated zest and juice of 1 orange.

3. Wash and slice the strawberries.

4. To begin the layering, quickly dip the lady finger cookies in the liqueur mix and lay on the bottom of the bowls or pan you have decided to use for serving.

5. Follow with a layer of mascarpone, then strawberries. Repeat until you are out of space. Make sure that the very last layer is the mascarpone mix.

Place you summermisu in the fridge for a few hours before serving, ideally overnight.

Style is served!

Mint-Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches 


Summer is short! So indulge in ice cream because before you know it, you will be sipping on hot chocolate and tea to stay warm. 

There are many ways to enjoy the seasonal treat, including one of everyone’s favourite- the ice cream sandwich! If you have time on your hands, you can of course make your cookies and ice cream from scratch. But let’s face it, there are better things to do when the sun in shining. 

To cut down on prep, use ready-made ingredients. And no, this doesn’t mean sacrificing taste. The secret to achieving a gourmet flavour is coming up with fun combinations that give classic vanilla and chocolate some serious competition! The recipe below is oh-so-tasty and quick to make — as quick as it takes to bake and cool the cookies. 


Frozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough

Mint chocolate chip ice cream


1. Bake the cookies according to package instructions.

2. Let cool completely. 

3. Scoop your ice cream on to one cookie, and place the other on top! 

That’s all there is to it –1, 2,3 and they’re ready to enjoy!

Style is served! 

Keep Your Cool: Pink Lemonade Ice Pops

T’is the season for steamy temperatures! To cool down, we often turn to a treat that has been enjoyed for generations –popsicles! But why run to the store and risk heading into the heat when you can make them at home? Plus, this was you can make whichever flavour you crave.  

Try these pink lemonade pops with a kick of limoncello liqueur –the grown-up version of a kids’ classic (and perfect way to keep your drink chilled)! To make them, all you need are three ingredient and five minutes. 

Ingredients (makes 4 servings):

2 cups raspberry lemonade 

1 lemon, sliced 

Limoncello liqueur 

Popsicle moulds 

Popsicle sticks 



1. Place the lemon slices in the Popsicle moulds, lining them up against one of the corners or twisting them to create texture.

2. Pour the lemonade into the moulds and place the sticks 2/3 of the way in. Secure with tape if needed. 

3. Leave them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight, and enjoy! 

What’s your favourite summer treat?

Style is served!