Keep Your Cool: Pink Lemonade Ice Pops

T’is the season for steamy temperatures! To cool down, we often turn to a treat that has been enjoyed for generations –popsicles! But why run to the store and risk heading into the heat when you can make them at home? Plus, this was you can make whichever flavour you crave.  

Try these pink lemonade pops with a kick of limoncello liqueur –the grown-up version of a kids’ classic (and perfect way to keep your drink chilled)! To make them, all you need are three ingredient and five minutes. 

Ingredients (makes 4 servings):

2 cups raspberry lemonade 

1 lemon, sliced 

Limoncello liqueur 

Popsicle moulds 

Popsicle sticks 



1. Place the lemon slices in the Popsicle moulds, lining them up against one of the corners or twisting them to create texture.

2. Pour the lemonade into the moulds and place the sticks 2/3 of the way in. Secure with tape if needed. 

3. Leave them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight, and enjoy! 

What’s your favourite summer treat?

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Must-Haves for a Quick Weekend Getaway!

Summer is short but since many can’t take the time off to travel, weekends are to be cherished! They are the best time to get away and leave the buzz of the city behind. Sometimes, these quick trips are spontaneous –leaving you with little time to pack. Not to mention, you’re only on the go for two to three days. So what should you stow away in your overnight bag? 

When you’re putting your packing list together, bring things that will make your travel hassle-free and don’t require a suitcase. Here are a few essentials you can’t (and shouldn’t) leave behind: 

1. Dry Shampoo: Let’s face it –this season is all about frizz, humidity, and  fussy hair. But while you’re away from home and on the go, quick showers throughout the day aren’t always an option. So when you need a mid-day refresher, spay on some dry shampoo and you will be set for whatever your agenda has in store –lounging on a lawn chair included! 

2. Tinted SPF balm: Rosy lips or sun protection? Now you can have both and save some space in your bag for those sandals you really want to bring along! Buy a tinted lip balm that also has SPF( minimum 15). That way, you have great hydration throughout the day, stay away from sunburn, and have a great lip tint for the evening –all in one.

3. Double Duty Clutch: When space is limited, try to use your items for more than one purpose. Example? Why not turn your clutch or small bag into a make-up bag! Let it hold your make up as you’re in transit, lay out all products on the bathroom counter at your destination, and use the bag/clutch for evenings out.

4.Make room for Magazines: Whether getting to your destination takes a few hours, or all you’ll be doing is lounging on the shores of a lake, magazines are a must to help pass the time. Bring a few of the latest issues on your trip and catch up on your favourite fashion trends or topic of interest! 

So kick back, relax, and worry about which cool drink to sip on next rather than the packing! 

Style is served! 

The Last Sip of Summer: Peach-Chia Smoothie


Prolong summer with this refreshing smoothie (while lounging by the pool, of course)! Packed with peaches, orange juice, and vanilla yoghurt, it is a fruity concoction that promises to make your taste buds sing. So take advantage of this season’s last long weekend and whip up a few cold ones to enjoy. Here’s how:

Ingredients(serves 3):

1 cup low fat vanilla Greek yogurt

1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

3 peaches

1 tbsp milled, raw chia


1. Wash and cut the peaches, adding them to the blender.

2. Pour in the yogurt, orange juice, and sprinkle the chia.

3. Mix on high speed until well blended.


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Dressing for the Races!


Horse races: they’re fast, fun, and a chance for you to put your best fashion forward.  So while the stallions are galloping around the track, you can strut around in the finest of frocks. I say this because attending the Queen’s Plate is a yearly tradition for my friends and I, and always a chance to come up with something new to wear. Here are some tips that can help you turn into a track-side sweetheart who not only wins her bets, but also the admiration of equally stylish guests.

The Best Dress: We all love a flattering, form-fitting dress but this is not the place to sport it because horse races are prestigious events, not a downtown dance floor. So instead, opt for ones that taper at the waist and flare out at the hemline –a perfect 1950’s silhouette.

Choose the Shoes Wisely: As tempting as stilettos may be, stay away and slip on wedges, platforms, or flats! There’s a whole lot of walking to do –from that far-away parking lot to the red carpet, the pre-race festivities to the stands, and everything in between. Clearly, comfort has to come first.

Head-Turning Hats: Wearing a hat is a staple for the races –and the bigger, the better! Choose fun shapes and interesting colours. Better yet, opt for a fascinator that is worthy of royal envy.

For Your Eyes Only: While it may be easy to assume that a wide-brimmed hat can keep the sun out of your eyes, think again! Leave sunglasses behind and you’ll also squint your way through photos and say goodbye to seeing that winning horse race across the finish line –especially if you’re wearing a fascinator that offers no shade. To avoid this, wear sunnies that complement your dress and are simple enough blend in with an already eclectic ensemble.


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Dare to Wear: Denim Overalls


While frilly sundresses and skirts are always fun to wear when the temperatures rise, there’s something even better about sporting an unexpected piece. This season, overalls are making a comeback. So buckle up a pair and strut over to all your summer activities decked out in denim. Here’s how to style them for whatever your social agenda has in store:

Take Me Out to the Ball Game:  Hit a fashion home run the next time you’re in the stands by wearing overalls. Sure, it’s not your typical shorts-and-a-tee combo but this style curve-ball will turn heads. To make your mark, pair them with a cap,  jeweled baseball shirt a la J Crew, and your favourite Converse sneakers. It’s a combination that keeps things casual for the game, yet cool enough for celebratory drinks if your team wins!

The Backyard BBQ: Between the burgers and beverages, your outfit also needs to be on point! So whether you’re hosting or attending a summer BBQ, dress to impress. Wear the overalls with a patterned top, statement necklace, and a great pair of sandals — no heels or wedges here. Sinking in to the grass is not a good look!

Downtown Patio Dining: This is where you can take things to the next level. To fit in with the chic city-center crowd, throw on a silk collared blouse underneath, and chunky-heeled shoes on your feet. This pair from Zara is perfect — they’ll elevate the casual denim for a fancy night out!

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Welcome Summer with Sunny Frames from Warby Parker

Source: Warby Parker

Photo source: Warby Parker

When we think of summer, we often associate the warmer weather it brings with shorter hemlines, long weekends, and parties by the pool. But the fun doesn’t have to end there! You can jazz up your eye-wear. That’s right, make a spectacle of yourself and sport frames in daring colors, and cool shapes to match your sunny disposition. With endless prescription frames and sunnies to choose from, Warby Parker has you (and your eyes) covered!

Known for their affordable men and women’s glasses that don’t sacrifice style for price, the American company is based online, but opened a number of showrooms,  and recently expanded to the Canadian market. How great is that, eh? And because with every pair purchased one is also donated to someone in need, why not stock up on a few –a splurge you can finally feel good about! Here are four styles from their newly launched Summer Collection 2014 that are sure to suit your taste:

For the Guys:

Green With Envy: Tinted in a green shade that promises to make others jealous, the Ormsby Whiskey Tortoise frames will look great paired with a denim shirt, khaki chinos, and slim loafers.

Timless with a Twist: The rectangular shape of the Mitchell Olivewood frames is a classic! Sure, we’ve seen this style worn by scholars, celebrities, and the cool downtown crowd, but you’ll fall for these glasses’ amber shade, reminiscent of tropical sunsets. Throw on colored shorts, and a laid-back white tee for an effortless look.

And the Gals:

Spot On!: With a rounded shape and brightly speckled texture, these playful Lyle Hanalei Tortoise frames are a statement piece on their own! So when planning your outfit, stick with neutral and patternless frocks from head to toe. But if you dare walk on the wild side (as these glasses should inspire you to), wear them with a fun denim romper!

Show Your Stripes: The Banks Striped Sassfras are sunglasses fit for a diva! To play up the glamor that they evoke, opt for a white button-up blouse tucked into a midi pleated skirt for an outfit that is oh-so-Audrey Hepburn.

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